iPhone SDK US only for now?

As I am sure everyone is, I am struggling to get through to the iPhone ADC web site at the moment but this is a worrying notice on the page I have managed to get through to.

US Only.png

I hope this does not mean we can not download the SDK here in the UK/Europe because that would suck. I can understand if they want to bring people on board with the app store slowly but please don’t give people a head start on actually developing apps based solely on geography.

4 responses to “iPhone SDK US only for now?

  1. From what I can see (like you said, the site is real slow!), the SDK will be available for free anywhere, so long as you signup (or already have an account) for ADC. I’m guessing the $99 US only iPhone dev program is for the beta version of the 2.0 iPhone firmware update, and will probably expand out around the world before it’s launch in June. So we can get playing with the SDK over here, but we just won’t be able to test the App Store update just yet. Of course, the SDK requires an upgrade to Leopard first :-)


  2. I have no worries with it requiring ADC (I have a Select membership), or with it requiring Leopard, or with not being able to test the store updating.

    That sounds good…

  3. Ah, well in that case, when the site becomes a bit more responsive (seems to have completely given up right now), you should be able to login I think and grab the SDK, which should comprise of the extensions to XCode/Interface Builder, and the simulator stuff too. Looks like that’ll get you up and running building apps locally.

    It’ll be interesting to see all the stuff people come up with between now and June!

    Just me then that needs to grab an upgrade to Leopard first! :-p


  4. Ze issue is more related to the localised firmwares and networks. They’re rolling it out to devs slowly which is frustrating but understandable.

    The US devs I know still don’t have their certificate so it’s not much of a headstart. You have the SDK, you have the emulator, it’s just remote debugging and actual testing that’s slowed down.

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