Flickr Interestingness Widget

One of the things I have done over the last couple of years which is relevant to this blog is to develop a small widget for dashboard.

The widget shows a selection of popular images from flickr on a daily basis, it is called Flickr Interestingness and it takes images from the interestingness feed on flickr.


So, given that there are apparently still a people willing to read this this blog I figure I might as well post a link to the widget. I wrote it initially as an experiment in writing dashboard widgets but as time goes on I do actually find myself using it almost every day as you generally get a good selection of quality photography appearing every day.

I must add a “Set as wallpaper” option to it as that is usually what I end up using it for. Anyway, please leave any feedback below if you have suggestions or thoughts on it.

Please excuse the rest of the web site, the products and information there are terribly out of date and no longer active however the site is getting ready for a much more mac focused relaunch over the next few weeks so watch this space.

The widget requires Mac OS X 10.4 but also works fine on 10.5, hopefully someone will find it useful.

3 responses to “Flickr Interestingness Widget

  1. I like it, thanks!

  2. this is really cool, i’m going to check it out. thanks!

  3. this is really cool, i’m going to check it out. thanks!

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