Is this thing still on?

Hello again! It has been an over a year since I posted anything here but I have decided to start posting here again with more mac related stuff.

The first post on this blog was on the 18th March 2006 which makes it almost two years since I became a switcher, so why did I stop posting? I guess I finished that first phase of switching to the mac and I took a break from blogging for a while. I now consider myself a fully fledged member of the mac community though being the proud owner of four mac’s and zero PC’s, you can really see that the switch stuck and it pains me now to have to use Windows (which I do have to, for work, occasionally).

Although the blog still gets a decent amount of traffic coming in every day, 99% of it is from search engines and I am quite sure that there are absolutely no remaining feed subscribers but if you want to prove me wrong about that, please leave a comment! Maybe this feed is lying dormant and forgotten in the depths of someones feed reader :)

Who knows where this will go this time but I am going to start making some posts again and find out.


27 responses to “Is this thing still on?

  1. You are still in my Google reader…

  2. Mine too! We lurk about waiting for gems of wisdom. And cool apps.

  3. Long time Windows user (working on becoming a long time mac user)

    In my Google reader as well. I’m now a mac user (wasn’t when I first started reading your blog). I have a MacBook Pro at work and I’m replacing my Windows computers at home with a new iMac which arrives Tuesday. Switching to mac has changed my computer philosophy. I used to build all my own computers and have numerous computers and parts laying around. Now I don’t want anything to do with that. All I’m interested in is have a computer and operating system that get out of my way so I can work or play. If you thinking about switching, stop waiting and do it.

  4. I am still here too.

  5. Another Google Reader subscriber here too. :)

  6. You were a dormant but not forgotten feed in NetNewsWire

  7. Google Reader subscriber here as well…. Glad to see you’re still around and I look forward to more posts!

  8. Still in my GR as well. Enjoyed the posts back in the day, but I must admit I had forgotten about you.

  9. You survived my great RSS cull, twice!

  10. Wow, never thought that there would even be 5 people left reading let alone 11.

    Gotta love RSS eh? :)

  11. Netnewswire kept telling me you were dead. I didn’t believe it…

  12. Jonathan, rumours of my death were greatly exaggerated! :)

  13. Yet another Google Reader here ;)

  14. I’ve been reading since TUAW linked you a long time ago. Your blog is awesome. Post more.

  15. A little off topic, but to macnewbie:

    I have been a PC user my entire life. I grew up on early Windows OS’s and other really early OS’s, got Win 98, then I got onto the XP scene. I love XP, but I believe Windows to be too much work for me. I build my own computers, I like to write programs/software, but I hate having to go to installers, tell me they don’t work, download drivers, etc. Should I get a Macbook this July?

  16. Trent, thats a big question and one I am sure I am not qualified to answer… If you want something that ‘just works’ then Mac’s are great but there is a learning curve switching from Windows and many things are different.

    Figure out what software you need, go to an apple store or find someone with a Mac and some free time and have a play with it.

    As for developing, you have Objective C and Cocoa on mac as your first choice but also things like Ruby and Python, both of which ship with Leopard now and are fully integrated with Xcode (the development environment).

    All I can say is that I am a software developer too and I never looked back ;)

  17. yes, my rss feed told me you were back.

  18. this popped up on my feeddemon today
    dont remember why it was there in first place…
    maybe cause I was contemplating the switch myself a couple of years back

    welcome back

  19. My Bloglines feeds show that you have 15 subscribers, one being mine. ;)

  20. rss is great :)

  21. Glad to see you’re back. I’m also an RSS subscriber (via Bloglines) and just never gotten around to unsubscribing. Glad I didn’t.

    Personally, I’ve worked with macs & pcs for a long time, but always been in a pc household. I picked up my first mac (a mini) around April 2006 and since have bought a macbook pro laptop and just got a smaller macbook for the wife.

    The only PC left in our house is the Xbox360! ha!

  22. I am still subscribed with Google Reader.

  23. Well it didn’t survive my Bloglines purge, but it did survive my transfer to Google Reader some how. Glad to see you posting again. I was becoming sad that we hadn’t heard more from you.

  24. Yeah, I AM listering

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