Happy Halloween

Another long break from this blog but I just had to break the (unintentional) silence for this one!

So, I just launched up TextMate tonight to fix a late night bug in the application I am writing and and it offered me an update with a new version to download, I downloaded and re-launched and was presented with this:

Spider Web

Thats a spider’s web if its not clear on the pic :)

Pumpkin Icon

This is just one of many of the reasons TextMate is amongst the finest pieces software I have ever owned :)

Happy Halloween.

3 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. A most excellent reason to put in a little more work on my projects.

  2. Dave!!!

    I thought you were dead!!

    You know what’s funny, I even posted the exact same thing on my blog tonight!!

    And I even posted it on Digg!

  3. Seems like one more break?