Google Ad’s move on a little?

So I know this isn’t particularly relevant to Mac’s but I thought I would post it anyway.

I just did a search on Google and got a new type of advert, seems like Google have added call-back advertising to the sponsored ad’s on the right hand side of a google search page.

See the little phone icon?

Google Advert

Clicking that gives a little animation hiding the text advert and replacing it with this:

Google Advert

Finally, click connect and the phone rings.

Google Advert

I bet they get a lot of calls today from people like me who don’t need any kind of insurance but are curious :)

The good news? This is no more obtrusive than a google text advert (well, after the first time you see it obviously) but it’s an interesting development, especially that some JavaScript effects/AJAX are now being used in quite a natural and unobtrusive way. The bad news? I tried it with JavaScript off and it degraded pretty poorly, only giving me the phone number of the company so that I could call them instead. There is no reason it couldn’t have just started with the “enter your phone number” prompt.

Interesting though… At least I thought so, I wonder if they will tie it in with some sort of VoIP in the future? Google Talk maybe?

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6 responses to “Google Ad’s move on a little?

  1. What search terms did you use?

  2. didn’t work for me.. i put in “car insurance” and also “autobytel” and just got the regular text links – nothing with a telephone icon..

  3. My original search was for “radio” and it still shows that ad there now (for me).

  4. ahh yes – with that search term “radio” it works :)

  5. I wonder if you have to sign up to carry these ads seperately or if they’ll just rotate into the existing AdSense spaces?

    -Stevie D.

  6. I wonder if I used my ex’s number if he’d get all the spam calls at his house?
    Hmmmm . . .