You never stop learning

Unlike Dave I’ve owned a Mac for nearly three years now and thought that I was fairly adept with OS X and knew most of its secrets. This evening though I found out that you never really stop learning.

There’s a shortcut in Safari and the Finder that allows you to navigate quickly up a directory or website hierarchy. Command+click on the folder name at the top of the Finder window or in the web page’s name at the top of a Safari window and you’re shown the path of the file / web page you’re at and can quickly navigate back upwards. If you’ve got a three button mouse plugged in then a middle click will have the same effect.

It makes me wonder what else I’ve still not found out about OS X.

By Eifion

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8 responses to “You never stop learning

  1. Did you know the icon (badge) in the titlebar is also a proxy for the document — you can drag it to folders or apps as if you were dragging the actual finder item. for example, open a word document, then drag the proxy icon to mail — it will create a message with the word doc as an attachment.

  2. i keep forgetting this trick! thanks for reminding me :)

  3. Galen D. W.

    This doesn’t just work in Finder and Safari. It also works in just about every document-based application: TextEdit, Pages, Keynote, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, Preview, you get the idea.

    Other random things you may not know:
    – Hold down shift and activate Exposé (or Dashboard, or the minimize button). It’s not exceedingly useful, but it’s cool.
    – The Services menu (Application -> Services) has some pretty cool stuff in it (ex. TextEdit -> New Window Containing Selection).
    – If you drag the sidebar in Finder almost all the way to the left, it should snap into place so you can just see the icons. Hover over an icon, and it’ll show the name.

  4. Thats really cool for Safari! I added the path item to my toolbar a loong time ago which accomplishes the same thing from the finder, but I also always forget you can use that top icon to do almost anything with the item

  5. That’s strange…

    CONTROL + CLICK does that for me, command just opens a new TAB in Safari to the last page I was on…

    I wonder why it’s not command for me.

  6. You can also drag that little proxy icon to an open Terminal window where the full path will be displayed. Very cool. BTW, the tip mentioned in the original post was mentioned in the “Mac OS X Panther In A Nutshell” book, which I fould very useful when I switched to the Mac. I’m sure this is in the Tiger version as well (assuming it’s available).

  7. That’s been a handy tip since pre-os x days, it was nice that it was carried over.

  8. i always want to have a macbook or an ibook. but macs are not really prevelant in my country.

    i loveee the mac environment, particularly its cool icon graphics and interface. just hope it’ll be as user-friendly as windows. is it?