Hello BBC people

I was linked from the BBC web site this afternoon so hello and welcome to anyone who is visiting from there.

I had an e-mail from Darren Waters from the BBC this morning who had seen the photos on Flickr and asked if he could interview me about the faulty battery and my experience with getting it repaired, three hours later and its up on the BBC news site. Who said traditional journalism can’t keep up with the pace of blogs?

My original post about the bulging battery is here.

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13 responses to “Hello BBC people

  1. The BBC, eh?

    Great journalists, they are. Really. Sensationalist Mac-defect gold digger publishing not withstanding, recent indications are that the BBC is nonetheless finally trying to become more Mac friendly. While the Desktop Alerts are still Windows only apparently, I do now see that they are working on the Stock Ticker to include Mac compatability. Nice. It’s about time, too.

  2. “Sensationalist Mac-defect gold digger publishing”? Hardly! The issue is – when does a clamour in the blogosphere equal an impact in reality? I was just trying to ask the question and get some answers. The comments under the story are interesting!

  3. @Darren Waters

    Your article is well researched and well written, Darren. Additionally, you offer fair presentation of a varied range of opinions regarding issues that you have brought under consideration.

    That said, I would question your apparent focus on possible Apple reputataion degradation, as manifested by the implication of reputation degradation in the headline and and the actual question of reputation degradation being posed in the opening paragraph.

    I merely take offense to that kind of careless speculation being fronted as serious headlines by the BBC, Darren. It’s just how I feel. no more, no less. And, yes. The comments beneath the article are indeed interesting. I chose to comment here instead, however.

  4. Note that the BBC turns off comments after they get the first handful in on the piece asking for negative feedback.

    The BEEB has come under attack in the tech area recently by using so called experts who promote the myth that OSX is only secure because of its obscurity…and I think they are reacting to that.

    I think they are essentially anti-Mac and look for opportunities to sell it down the river. Which of course is extremely sad. Especially when you seem only ever to see Macs featured in BBC dramas – though often with the logo’s blanked out.

    The positive spiral of Apple and Mac computers is continuing unabated and it’s becoming much easier to persuade Windows users to switch. When they do they are eternally grateful I find.

  5. The logos being blanked out is mainly down to ITC regs about product placement and advertising.

    From what I’ve seen the “BBC’s” opinion of Macs varies from writer to writer and, in some cases, the writer varies their opinion from article to article!

    They vary their stance from Mac’s are brilliant to Mac’s are rubbish because they’re not compatible with Windows

    The issue of OS X’s security will rage until somebody cracks it, then all the Windows zealots will be all “I told you so” and all the Mac zealots will be “It’s a hoax” ;)

    OS X’s user base is a big reason that there isn’t the security problem that there is with Windows, apparently the Unix base is more secure (I don’t know myself), there are aspects of OS X that certainly make it feel more secure, constant Authentication to do pretty much anything at admin level, but at the same time, there were trojans and some leading industry security experts (possibly from Sophos although I can’t relocate the article) have stated that OS X is not more architectually secure than Windows. OS X *will* be attacked.

  6. I posted a comment to the BBC on that article and I don’t think it appeared. Basically, I said:

    “Simple, phone up Apple for a replacement etc which is roughly the same time that it took for you to do that article”.

    The BBC are so biased about everything and I have questioned about their journalism recently. I think personally that the BBC are in bed with Microsoft as always ;)

  7. Yes, I see it. Worldwide MacBook Pro battery recall. That sounds like a potential fix for at least some of the issues under consideration in this topic, perhaps? Just curious, did you have one of the specific three batteries covered by the recall?

    Regardless, what’s up next on the journey to Mac? Any new revelations? I keep refreshing the old RSS reader …

  8. What happened Dave? Did you loose your Mac?

  9. glad to see you’re still posting. Looking forward to following your journey on the Mac as a fellow windows user / mac switcher (and ubuntu switcher now). :)

  10. All quiet.

    I’m guessing moving to the Mac from a PC isn’t that hard, and doesn’t really need a whole blog dedicated to it. : )

  11. congrats! BBC is one heck of a biggie news media, not just in uk, but throughout the globe as well. :D

    lucky you, BBC took heed on your battery dilemma and how you fixed it. :)

  12. No new posts? :(

  13. Yeah, wth? Don’t tell me that the journy is complete?!