I really hope that the rumor of Apple adding a spreadsheet component to iWork is true.

I bought iWork fairly quickly after buying my Mac because I had to give a presentation on short notice, the iWork trial that came with the mac had expired and the price is right, being just under that invisible price limit that makes you think twice so I just plugged the credit card in and off I went.

I am glad I did as well, I think Keynote is a fabulous presentation app and Pages is perfectly adequate for writing small documents and to be honest I have been holding off buying Microsoft Office for my new business until I have to because I would rather not spend that money on software I will rarely use.

What it does desperately need though is a simple spreadsheet application much like ThinkSecret is describing:

[Charts is] a more consumer-friendly spreadsheet application that can handle the needs of home users and small businesses but not pretend to execute any of the more advanced functions of Excel.

I have my fingers crossed that it is true!

(… and I know, I could try Open Office or Neo Office, I just haven’t absolutely had to yet but I will before shelling out for MS Office :)

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5 responses to “iExcel?

  1. Try Google’s Spreadsheet – quite functional for those times when you need a quick spreadsheet. :)

    ThinkFree is another alternative.

  2. Yeah, I have to say, Keynote is one VERY smooth app!! Pages too. I’ve used them both a good bit and I’m very impressed not only with the style of the end product but the enjoyment of getting there. I always enjoy work that involves either of those apps.

    Also, I second the suggestion for Google’s Spreadsheet. I was a bit skeptical but I have to say, it worked like a charm, even over dial-up! I’m not sure it supports Safari but it works great via Camino which I keep around for just such occasions!

  3. Yea, I have been using Google Spreadsheets for the small amount of spreadsheeting I need to do at the moment, I meant to mention it in the post but I guess I forgot :)

    It is OK but it is too slow for regular use, I also find that dissapointingly it strips out rather than ignoring Excel features that it does not understand (Graphics, etc) so if you open a spreadsheet from someone, edit one cell, save it and send it back then they lose all of their Charts/Graphics/etc.

  4. Galen D. W.

    I can’t stand the way Pages does text and paragraph styles. Maybe it’s that I have an older version, but once you make a style, there’s no way to modify it! It drives me nuts.

    Of course, my MS Word (again, older version) doesn’t have a styles feature to speak of, so I prefer Pages, but by default.

  5. galen d.w.

    the newest version, 2, does indeed enable the modification of previously defined styles.