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Don’t worry, I am not going to rake it all up again but I was getting spammed with these all night on IRC tonight.

Dodgy DCC Send

Viruses on the platform or not, there are some things you should NEVER click “Accept” to!

The point of this post though? I have become quite annoyed with Colloquy recently because of this bug which means I need to spend time every time I connect to IRC manually joining channels and the fact that I can not just turn DCC file transfers off altogether means I am on the look out for a new IRC client. I don’t want anything too fancy or overly techy, Colloquy was about the right tech level for me (meaning I want to talk on IRC rather than write scripts that slap people with assorted seafood :)

Any suggestions?

PS. For those who think the post title is a bit random, it is a reference to this and lets face it, when am I going to get an opportunity (however thinly veiled) to have a post title like that again!

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15 responses to “Anna Kournikova Naked.jpg

  1. Snak is probably a good choice for you since you want a basic IRC client but if you really want a lot of options like disabling DCC and auto joining channels you might have to go with the godfather of all Mac IRC clients: Ircle. It has more options than I know what to do with but it isn’t that hard to pick up. The bad side is that unlike Colloquy and Snak it looks more like a Windows 3.1 application than a Mac OS X one.

  2. HAHA… nice… you know… I really wish they made mIRC for Mac OS X… although I admit the slapping people with seafood thing is stupid, I learned a LOT of useful mIRC scripts and even made bots on Windows… which is really something I want to carry over to my Mac… does anyone know of any programs that use mIRC’s scripting? Also, about your problem, Dave, I came a Mac version of xchat, a popular Linux IRC program… if I’m not mistaken it’s called XChatAqua and the URL is:

  3. I agree with Dillon in that I also recommend X-Chat Aqua. It’s a fantastic client that I’ve been using for a long time. :)

  4. I feel your pain. I have spent probably thousands of hours searching for the perfect Mac IRC client. My favorite used to be X-Irc, but it hasnt been updated in a year but was the most scriptable client besides Ircle (which I hate due to the crappy interface and untabbed windows.)

    The best available is Snak. Its universal and very close to colloquy but has more scripting support. While far from perfect, its the best out there short of running mirc in parallels.

  5. X-Chat Aqua is what I use. Although, its PPC only so it does not run native on Intel Macs.

  6. hmm… how hard would it be for a Mac IRC client to just make mIRC scripts work… I mean they’re basic commands, why can’t they make them work with their clients???

  7. I like “Conversation” very much.
    You should take a look at it!

  8. I agree with Flo, you should check out Conversation

  9. Henri Tamminen

    I suggest either same as Dillon K. on post #2 or Irssix from

  10. Definetly check out x-chat aqua! I have a love for it mostly because of the price. I fell more deeply in love with it when I started noticing that it has a lot more to offer under the hood than a lot of other programs.

  11. Interestingly enough, I’m actually trying to work out the auto-join bug you noted in your post. Ah, the powers of open-source software… :)

    As far as IRC clients go, Colloquy is the best I’ve found for OS X, bugs and all. It certainly has some kinks to be ironed out, but it’s better than most other clients out there, in my humble opinion. I used X-Chat Aqua for a long time before using Colloquy, and I’m very glad I discovered Colloquy!

    If you haven’t filed a ticket on the Colloquy project page for your issue, you should consider doing that. Usually the devs at least respond to the ticket pretty quickly.

  12. I haven’t used Colloquy yet (their site seems to be a little slow too), but I would definitely put in my support for X-Chat Aqua. It’s slick, works well, is almost totally the same as the equivalent GNU/Linux X-Chat and has very straightforward and specific options for auto-joining networks/channels and DCC file transfers.

  13. Conversation looks great, I wish it was Universal though, same deal with X Chat unfortunately.

    Conversation looks to be around the right tech level for what I want out of an IRC client, Colloquy also gets this balance right. I always hated mIRC on Windows because not only did it look like it was designed for Windows 3.1 (which admittedly, it was) but it always felt like IRC was some sort of black art when all I wanted to do was talk :)

  14. @Michael: I am *very* glad to hear someone is working on that bug, one of the reasons I started looking for a new client is that the bug report there was filed 7 months ago so I figured it wasnt going to get fixed any time soon :)

    I tried to add a comment on the bug report but apparently I cant register a trac username at the moment and so I cant add any details to the bug. I asked in the IRC channel and they said it was because of spam, someone in the channel offered to add me to a notify list for if/when it was fixed but warned me my e-mail address would be public and unencoded for the spammers so I declined… I would have liked to subscribe to the RSS feed but it crashes Trac (

    With registering a new ticket, I wouldnt have thought it would do much good since the bug is already logged and is being worked on (by you :))

    If you do fix it, please let me know :) If you want someone to try and reproduce it then I am also happy to help.

  15. I’ve been working on it off and on. I can understand why it hasn’t been fixed yet–it’s hard to pin down the exact steps it takes to reproduce. I thought it had something to do with opening up the connection inspector and viewing that pane, but the auto-join channels aren’t lost every time that happens, so I’ve been trying to find out exactly when the information is lost.

    Somewhere on the Trac, the devs actually list that bug as one of two big ones that they are working on.