Sorry I have been AWOL, I have been quitting my job, leaving the country for amazing conferences trying to set up my own business which is taking way more time than I ever expected!

I will blog about the business at some point soon (as soon as I have a proper web site up, for example :) but as a result of the new company, I have started using for my business e-mail and tonight I just came up against my first little ??? moment when this dialog appeared:

Windows Friendly?

Now I would expect that it just strips out the .DS_Store files and other Mac guff but I am really not sure what it is doing and while I will tick it for now, I would like to know for sure so I know what I am doing by ticking it!

I have a load of stuff I need to blog about and I hope to find the time this week to get back into it!

Sorry I abandoned you all (if there is anyone left now :)

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18 responses to “AWOL!

  1. Of course we’re still here. That’s the power of feeds! ;) Good luck on your new ventures..

  2. Glad you are still here :)

  3. Pierce Glennie

    I’m still here as well but I’m afraid I’m useless – I don’t have a clue about what this does.

    Hang on a second – a quick google search found me the following website which seems to address your issue perfectly (there’s a paragraph all about it):

    Hope this helps!

  4. There’s an option on the edit menu, under attachments that you can set mail to “allways send windows friendly attachments”, so that you can drop attachments and get the same result.

    Sometimes windows users report that they cannot use the files they receive by mail (I usually encounter this when I send full-sized photos directly from iPhoto)

    I believe that it strips out resource forks, including things like preview icons and such. It makes it easier for Windows users, but Mac user recipients sometimes find the attacments lacking.

  5. …except they know how to spell “always” and apparently I don’t.

  6. Without the option ticked, messages with resource forks get sent in AppleDouble (if memory serves) format, which splits the file into two separate attachments.

    Quite often, this results in people who don’t use a compatible mailer receiving two files: one containing the attachment you want them to receive, and one containing extra meta-data they likely have no use for (assuming you’ve saved the file in a format readable by the rest of the computing world).

    ‘Windows-friendly’ is a little of a misnomer—it’s really ‘everything-else-friendly’.

  7. I’m just glad you’re OK! Yes, we’re still here and, Welcome Back :)! I was starting to think I’d have to give up on you, but am so glad that won’t be necessary (fingers crossed)?

  8. Of course we’re still here! Given that my new MacBook just arrived yesterday (this is my first time with Mac OS X, and I haven’t used Macs since…System 7?), I’m going to need all the help that I can get with switching. Your blog has helped me out a great deal already. :)

  9. your still in my daliy checked bookmark folder

  10. Aah, the power of feeeeeeeeds :)

  11. What did the world do without them? :)

  12. welcome back. I’m a switcher and am enjoying your journey

  13. yes welcome back! A few months ago I put one foot in the door and bought an iBook G4. I still had my Dell desktop but just recently sold that and bought an iMac. I’m a full fledged switcher!

  14. Glad you’re back – see we didn’t give up on you! I too am now a fully-fledged switcher, having complimented the purchase of our Mac Mini (PPC) with a 12″ G4 PowerBook – best purchase I’ve ever made!

    Any idea if you’ll revisit the “Essential Software” page idea like we discussed previously?

    Keen to hear about you’re new business – hope all goes well for you!

  15. David Lowry

    I used to use Power Mac 8600 and I ran OS 9.1 on it and loved it. I’m so fed up with Windows XP right now that I’m running Linux (I’m a Network Analyst and an MCSE). My wife and I have already discussed the fact that when we need a new PC it will be a new Mac.

    I find your site a great read. I come here daily to read your about your switch.

    Nice work. Glad you’re back and you’re still ok. I thought maybe you had given up on Macs or something. Glad that’s not the case.

    God Bless,
    David :)

  16. Never fear we’re all here…

    I bet that’s something you really wanted to hear…

    As a person who’s in the middle of a business startup I can feel for you and I do wish you all the best

  17. Allen Evans

    Hi there,

    I researched this on the Apple Support Discussion Forums and found some interesting info:

    (and, as linked to from inside the forum posting:)

    Hope that helps,


  18. Welcome back!