We all knew design was important to Apple …

… but even so, this is beautiful even for Apple.

It is apparently open 24×365 as well, not that I have ever felt the desire to buy an iPod at 3am on Christmas day!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I am having a busy week but normal service will be resumed soon :)

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5 responses to “We all knew design was important to Apple …

  1. This is interesting – if the logo hovers in the middle of the cube then you’d see it reversed if you walk around the back. Seems trivial but considering how hot Apple is on brand consistency I bet there was some deliberation about that! The multiple reflections look cool.

  2. What a beautiful store. Great to see a company not set on saving as much money everywhere they can.

  3. What struck me is that Steve Jobs says that they are not just opening a ‘showcase’ here. Every store is opened to make money and according to him they all do…

  4. Well, given the tremendous profits the retail side of Apple is making, it’s at least safe to assume that most of the stores make big money.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them do, though. Very curious to see if this new store can remain profitable in the long run — keeping it open 24/7 every day of the year is expensive, or so I would presume.

  5. Of course it will be profitable! New York City has always been dubbed “the city that never sleeps.” Anyway, I just wanna go jump up on that cube and swing on the giant apple… just kidding. But anyway, I really do like the look of this new Apple store… and I think I saw in a video that they actually have little tables with chairs set up so you can’t test the Macs… that is definitely one thing I wish my local apple store had, because it’s really hard to tell if you want to buy a specific model while leaning over a tiny table to reach it. :).