Are ex-PC users the most irritating type of Mac user?

I came across a great post this morning from recent switcher Rob Manuel which is a very nicely written and amusing post about his switch where he concludes that the ex-PC user may well be to the Mac what an ex-smoker is to a non-smoker – The most irritating person in the room :)

Definitely worth a read, but really the post can be summed up in one paragraph from his list of ten things that annoy him about the mac:

You know what? I can’t find ten things that annoy me about the Mac. I’ve been racking my brains and there’s no more. In fact, I’m writing this within a web browser and I’ve just realised that there is a spellcheck built into Safari. How cool is that? Not only is it cool, it’s the same spellcheck that works in Textedit and Pages so any words I add to the dictionary are available in all aps. God damn it, I love my Mac. It’s giving me the horn.

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11 responses to “Are ex-PC users the most irritating type of Mac user?

  1. carl switcheroo

    Pity his spell checker didn’t pick up “aps” and suggest “apps” :)

  2. I just found an open-source browser that runs on Webkit (just like Safari) but has some nice added features. It may be worth checking out. I like it so far. It’s called Shiira (

  3. You mean they’re irritating once the get done skrewing around with PhotoBooth, which took me about a week.

  4. I think they are just generally irritating :) I know I must be to my friends and people at work because I do tend to go on about the Mac! :)

  5. I just switched…tomorrow I will have had my iMac one week – and it has ocurred to me that I am probably really annoying to my friends. It’s taken a lot of strength and some time, but I have to hold back a lot of comments and excitement in front of some people. A lady at work today was talking about how Adobe Reader takes forever to load a PDF file, and I nearly blurted out, “If you were using a Mac it would be different. I opened a PDF last night in less than a second.”

  6. I switched 8 months ago, and have but one regret where my iBook is concerned. The fact that the amount of time I spend on it upsets my wife :(.

    How bout we keep our Mac’s a secret? There are some that apparently do not wish to have a computer platform that ‘simply works,’ enables one to quickly and easily accomplish tasks, from simple to complex, and that puts “FUN” back into computing? Oh, lest I forget, there are those can’t live without games (LOL)!

    I’ve been in computer heaven for 8 months now, and am anxiously looking forward to a very bright future, Thanks Apple!

  7. Definatly. Ex PC users can’t find faults in Macs. ^_^

    [Though I just switched too. :D]

  8. My biggest complaint about switching to the Mac (about 2 months ago) is the mouse driver. The mouse just feels so much more sluggish on the Mac than on the PC, even with the Mac mouse speed set at max. I had to download a 3rd party mouse driver to overcome that problem, and still, it doesn’t feel quite as responsive as a PC mouse. I think it’s got something to do with the acceleration that is built into the PC mouse driver. Seems to be lacking altogether on the Mac, and the Steermouse driver’s acceleration can also be improved.

  9. I have just bought a Macbook Pro and could come up with a list of ten irritations quite quickly:

    Single mouse button
    No backspace key
    Finder really is rather clunky and I cannot configure it to use list view by default.
    It is quite good on keyboard short cuts but then quite often forces you to use only the mouse, I cannot log in or log off without a mouse.
    The Aqua look is very inflexible.
    The mouse cursor does not resize without resizing all other curors.
    The DVD player is restricted to 5 changes of region with no fix that I can find.
    I have not found an easy way of starting many programs. I never use desktop icons and the Dock does not have room for them all. (but quicksliver looks good)
    Coming from Linux I find it very expensive to add all the stuff I am used to using.
    The mouse acceleration is not enough.
    The computor runs very hot!!! I am looking for asbestos trousers with an Apple logo
    The Unix base has really been messed up. The filenames have so many upper case letters and spaces and some of the path lengths are longer that a short story.
    Safari is lacking features.

    I do like OS X and the MacBook and could easily make a list of the great features. The keychain, the built in dictionary, Spotlight and so on. But I do laugh at at the blind loyalty at those who can see no evil. It does not help promote Macs when any bystander can see that at least some of what the advocates say is total c**p! How can they believe the rest?

    It is not the case that they will not say that the King has no clothes. More like they are trying to say how he is the snappiest dresser in the world when it is obvious that his tie is not straight and his shoes are dirty.

  10. zb, you mention a lot of things that can be addressed from very little time spent with the OS…

    You can right-click using the trackpad – look at mouse settings
    Backspace key is the Delete key – same thing.
    Command+2 will switch to list instantly.
    Tap power button to shut down without mouse – just like a key combo
    DVD player restricted due to law, sure you can circumvent it on any OS, but it’s illegal – just not Apple’s fault.

    Easy ways to start apps are everywhere – you can put a folder of shortcuts in the dock and right click to use just like Windows start menu if you must – Quicksilver is awesome – there are dozens of other free options as well.

    X11 can run under OS X and allow the install of a myriad of free compatible apps.

    Mouse acceleration? It’s configurable in System prefs.

    Runs hot? Take in to apple, mine runs fine and these issues are fixable.

    Safari is an option just like IE on Win or Firefox on Linux – there’s always Firefox, Camino, Opera etc..

    I don’t think most people are zealots like you describe. A lot of what you mention is subjective and relative. Macs aren’t perfect, but I consider them to be a better alternative to WinXP by far.

  11. S. Elliott:

    Backspace and delete should be two different keys. Backspace is supposed to do stuff to the left of the cursor and delete for things to the right of it. This is really confusing when I use this Mac here at work.

    I can’t find acceleration in system prefs. Where is it? All I see is speed, and well, “as fast as possible” is REALLY SLOW!!!

    Safari doesn’t run on Webkit. I don’t know where you got that. The rendering engine is KHTML, same as Konqueror.

    Dictionary that is cross-system…big deal! That’s how it is on Linux. Is that supposed to be weird or something?

    The keyboards on MacBook Pros suck. They’re very obviously rubber dome. Ew.

    Why can’t I use tab to move between “save” “don’t save” and “cancel” on popups? Why should I use the mouse? I HATE MICE!!!!