iBook or MacBook

So there has been a fair bit of speculation on whether the Intel based iBook replacement will be called the “MacBook”. I would like to make a plea to Apple not to do that because of the temptation that I am already failing to resist of shortening the name of the MacBook Pro to simply MacBook.

I have seen other examples of laziness like mine with the extra “Pro” across the web and I think part of it is that “MacBook Pro” never really sounded right or flowed well (unlike PowerBook or iBook) whereas MacBook on its own does.

I know this really doesn’t matter :) But does anyone agree?

P.S. I can’t believe I finally managed to write a short post!

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12 responses to “iBook or MacBook

  1. The thing is in early Keynotes, Apple showed a foursquare, and the first row was “i” products, and the second row was “Power” products. The first column was “Portables” and the second column was “Desktops”. Ergo, there was a perfect square that explained the names of all the products, and what purpose they suited. iBook, iMac / PowerBook, PowerMac.

    If Apple don’t name it the iBook, but instead Macbook, what does that make of the iMac? There has always been crystal clarity between Apple product lines and I don’t know if that’s going to be maintained.

  2. I actually agree completely. …but I agree for what might be a slightly different reason.

    Let’s assume they continue this trend of moving away from Power towards a Mac-based brand. Okay, we’ve got MacBook Pro. It makes sense, it’s a Mac, it’s a (note)Book, and it’s a Pro(fessional-level) computer. Done.

    If they do rename the iBook, what do we have? MacBook. It’s clearly a Mac, and it’s also a (note)Book, but it’s not Professional, so it must be consumer.

    I don’t love it, but it makes sense. Onto the desktop-based systems.

    If they rename the PowerMacs simply to Mac Pros, it technically makes sense. It’s a Mac, and it’s a Pro(fessional-level) product.

    BUT, where does that leave the iMac? By this naming convention, they HAVE to simply call it “Mac.” And that just screws up everything!

    “Hey, guys, I just got a new Mac!”
    “Wait, like, and MAC Mac, or just a Mac?”
    “What do you mean? I got a Mac.”
    “A MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, or MacBook?”
    “A MAC!”
    “Oh, an iMac. Nice. Lemme touch it.”

    Please, Apple, stick with “i” for consumer products……pretty please?

  3. TydalForce

    They’ve gotten themselves into quite a mess here, eh?

    I could see them calling it “MacBook” since they want to use “Mac” in everything’s name. They’ll stick with “iMac” since that name has so much recognition, and fits with the Mac-In-Name thing.

    But then that breaks the nice little matrix thing they had going. All things considered, I think that’s the least of their worries.

    However, “Mac Pro” is kinda a lousy name. I hope they stick with “PowerMac”

  4. iMacBook?

  5. Even Apple seem to be getting confused as well. When I go to the US store and hover over the MacBook Pros, , the end of the URL finishes with &nclm=MacBookPro. Fair enough, but when you do this on the UK store, it finishes with &nclm=MacBook!

    With regard to the name of the upcoming consumer laptop, I would have thought that Apple will just stick with iBook, as then it will tie in with the rest of the consumer offerings – iMac, iPod. Mac Mini being the exception.

    They only really wanted to change the name of the professional offerings to get rid of the PowerPC connotations – everything else is just fine as it is.

  6. Often I can’t be bothered to type the extra Pro. But, I hate the name iBook. So I’m mostly indifferent. MacBook ties in better with the MacBook Pro though, but then where would the iMac fit?

    I’m tired. Leave me alone. :P

  7. Personally I agree this is post. Even from a marketing strategy perspective, I feel as though they should not call the intel ibook a “Macbook”. Why not just stick with the name ‘ibook’?

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  9. yeah… what he said… (huh?)

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