Saturday Morning Multi-Coloured Swap Shop

So after the SubEthaEdit give away the other day, MacZOT sent me two free registration codes instead of one so I have a spare :) So tell me how you would use it in a comment and put your e-mail address in (it won’t be published) and I will send the free code to the most worthy, creative or just plain fun use of it!

But! at the same time I am going to ask for something from you guys :) Does anyone have a spare Google Analytics invite? I signed up for their waiting list months ago but it doesn’t seem to be getting any attention so I would be really grateful to get hold of one if anyone has any spare (send them to

Excuse the title as well, I was struck by a dose of nostalgia when suggesting this swap on a Saturday morning. If you aren’t 30-something from the UK you are forgiven for not getting it :)

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9 responses to “Saturday Morning Multi-Coloured Swap Shop

  1. SEE (SubEthaEdit) rocks! I already have a license, but I hope you enjoy working with it.

  2. I think the Analytics invites are all sent by Google but I got mine like less than two months after signing up.

    You might want to try registering on the waiting list with a gmail account like I did.

    I found my SEE code in the spam can after repeatedly berating the MacZOT team. The shame …

  3. I spent some 10 minutes looking around gAnalytics researching invites and came up empty. I wanted to help; really I did.

    So since I can’t do anything for you (other than spend some time trying to help), my only hope is that you’re feeling so good after your dose of nostalgia that you’d want to pass along that SEE code out of your pure good graces. I don’t have a fancy or fun use planned, but as a youth pastor I’m in charge of a blog and a web-site that needs coloborative coding help. I’m also on a budget that typically prohibits these kinds of purchases.

    Thanks for your consideration (and good graces!).

  4. Regarding Google Analytics, though I can’t find any invites I do know of a way around it. I can add more sites to my account and then invite you to view that data. That way, you get Google Analytics on your website but via a shared account. That’s what I can do you for pal.

    As for the SubEthaEdit registration, I would love to have one. I found out about MacZot 24 hours after it finished and was tremendously saddened. Here’s why: After almost 3 years of saving, I finally got my first Apple machine. It’s the new Intel 20 inch iMac. Absolutely gorgeous, and a ton of fun to play with. Though I have other machines at home, the beauty of using that machine is unmatched.

    I hope you send me the SEE registration code. It would be a ton of fun to be able to use this brilliantly designed software, with its online dynamic collaborative tools and push my boss (we run the first & only open source LMS company in the country) to switch himself. We are Moodle Partners here and with the new Mac, I can easily go in and edit the PHP code and play around with the database so much more easily then on my XP Pro machine. That, in addition to my personal web designing and editing needs, will keep SEE thoroughly busy.

    I hope this arguement and reasoning is worthy enough :)


  5. Just to clarify :) The two things are seperate really… and you don’t need to give me the analytics invite to be in with a chance of getting the SEE code…

    I will leave it open a few more hours before sending the code out just in case someone is going to use it to cure cancer or something :)

    Seems like there are definately invites being distributed somehow for analytics because you can buy them on e-bay. No way they are worth $250-$500 though :)

  6. I just recently bought a TextMate license, but then you pointed me to subethaedit. Unfortunately, the free giveaway was already done by the time I got there. I really like TextMate, but the collaboration feature of SEE seems, as you correctly said, to be a “wow”!
    So, since you pointed me to SEE, and I have already spent money, I hope to have Karma on my side, and you’ll give me the code! :-)

  7. I wish I could give it to you all and while I am not personally a religious man, I have to say that I think that the code should go to Sean Higgins and his youth group.

    Let me know what you do with it Sean, it is in the mail.

    Sorry Waleed and Calossos, I would keep an eye out for it coming up again on MacZOT – I think they repeat things fairly often.

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  9. Thank you so much! I’ve posted a public thanks on my blog as well.