DVI Mac and DVI Other?

Update: After the comments below, I had another go at this and pushed harder and the cable eventually went in. I was probably being too gentle! (I didn’t want to break anything though :). The cable now goes in and out very easily and so maybe my connector was slightly bent or mis-shaped originally, most important thing is though that this isn’t a real issue, sorry for confusion caused!

I did learn something about DVI today though, and that is something I guess :)

So what am I missing here? I tried to plug in a Dell DVI monitor (Dell 2001FP) to my MacBook Pro yesterday and the cable wouldn’t fit! Now I always thought DVI was DVI was DVI and that I would be able to use my existing DVI monitor with my Mac. Apparently not.

Doing a bit of research into it, looks like there are two types of DVI connector, DVI-D and DVI-I. I also found an article on different types of DVI cable and connector that seems to have a lot of information in it without actually saying much.

Do I need to buy a converter cable? Is is possible to connect these monitors to the Mac DVI connector?

Update: From comparing the pictures of the connectors with the end of the cable, it seems the Dell monitor is a DVI-D, Single Link (digital only), this would tie up with what the PDF specification document says on the Dell web site. However, no matter how modern the MacBook Pro, it won’t fit in.

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9 responses to “DVI Mac and DVI Other?

  1. There is actually another called DVI-A. Basically DVI-D=Digital, DVI-A=Analog and DVI-I=both. Mostly likely your Dell Monitor is older and is Analog.

  2. I’m surprised to hear it. I use my brand new Dell 2005FPW with my MacBook Pro without difficulty. And yes, actually, it is gorgeous.

  3. I am very surprised too :)

    I really don’t think it is an analog connection because when I connect analog sources to the monitor (through the VGA connector) it is blindingly obvious that the quality drops.

    The monitor is http://tinyurl.com/zg4hb

    Dissapointing if monitors less than 1 year old won’t connect to new hardware…

  4. In this PDF on the Dell web site seems to say that the connector is DVI-D which is the pure digital one according to that article mentioned in the post.

    Comparing the pictures on the site, it seems to be a DVI-D Dual Digital connector on the monitor.. but it sure as hell won’t fit into the MacBook.

  5. Is it possible to get a DVI-I to DVI-D adaptor of some sort to sit between the mac and the monitor? Maplins or other similar supplier might do one?

  6. that’s odd, I have the same exact Dell 2001FP at work and it fits perfectly into my new MacbookPro. If I get some time this weekend, I’ll drop by and check it out to make sure. But I’m pretty certain it’s a 2001FP.

  7. The connectors on the two devices are compatible, you just need a DVI-D Dual Link cable like this one. This cable won’t attach to the analog pins on the MacBook Pro, but that’s fine, because you don’t need the analog signal.

    I’m curious, though, as to *what* doesn’t connect on the MacBook Pro side? As far as I can tell, the MBP has a Dual Link DVI-I connector, which means you should be able to connect DVI-A, DVI-I, DVI-D, and Dual Link DVI-D cables without a problem. So I’m curious about the cable you’re using, and what physical part of the connector presents a problem when trying to connect it to the MacBook.

  8. There must have been something catching on the analog connector on the MacBook Pro.. i pushed a little harder (I was probably being too gentle) and it did eventually go in… Now it goes in and out easily… I didnt want to break it and jumped to conclusions, sorry about that! I am going to update the main post now so it doesnt spread false information.

  9. Great stuff. I’m following your entries like a hawk, since I’m also planning “the switch”.

    Keep it up, you’re doing great! :)