Weird Application in Memory

So when I was checking how much memory was in use earlier for the Preview post I noticed I had a load of PowerPC applications loaded that I didn’t know about.

OpenBase Activity Monitor

Sure enough, in my Applications folder there is a sub-folder called OpenBase with what looks like some management applications in it, I just don’t remember installing it. Doing a quick Google on it, it seems like this is the likely culprit but I am damn sure I have never been to that site before. Most likely it has been bundled with something but what? and more importantly, why is it loading by default!

Anyone got any ideas what did this?

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7 responses to “Weird Application in Memory

  1. WebObjects installed OpenBase for me.

    Did you install the full devtools :)

  2. OpenBase is a database backend. I know it was installed on my machine with StickyBrain. Do you have that program installed?

  3. I did install WebObjects when I installed the devtools. Thanks!

    Now, Can I uninstall it seperately from the regular devtools… or, even better just stop this bit of it from loading.

  4. I found the OpenBase startup item in

    But also check out these 2 folders….


    Between all those thats everything your mac starts. But just deleting /Library/StartupItems/OpenBase should solve your problem but its good to cleanup startup items every once and awhile.

  5. I had OpenBase installed as the back end to Daylite from Marketcircle (which I can recommend if you need a CRM). It also installed an app called OpenBase Manager, that might enable you to establish (and turn off) any databases that are starting up automagically when the machine starts up.

    Otherwise, as Khaos said, you should be able to stop it by finding and deleting the StartupItem.

  6. Dave MacLachlan

    sudo /Library/OpenBase/bin/RemoveOpenBaseScript

    Will remove all the OpenBase stuff

  7. Dave, that hit the spot… Perfect. Thanks.