… and the prize for most creative use of hardware goes to …

iAlertU, but the video says it best…

Direct link, because the embedded video is being flakey.

This is not a serious security device, and never will be for as long as the thief is still able to hold down the power button for a few seconds. But it is a nice deterrent, and there is a real market for something between something like the Kensington locks (that in my experience often get bought and rarely get used) and leaving a completely unsecured laptop.

I just finished trying this out and it worked, it is Intel only (shock!) at the moment but apparently PPC PowerBook and iBook versions are in the works.

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8 responses to “… and the prize for most creative use of hardware goes to …

  1. That is truly incredible, when the ppc version comes out i will be sure to get this.

    Any idea what will be used as the ‘key fob’?

  2. It is the apple remote, you get one included with a MacBook Pro (for FrontRow)

  3. I watch this video yesterday (or maybe the day before) and it is so cool. If iAlertU could block some keys and sleep feature too, it would be awesome.

    I haven’t tried it myself (too old PB ;-) ), but I guess these options would work for muting that alarm:
    1. The mute key
    2. Shut off the computer (as mentioned in the article)
    3. Close the lid and put it to sleep
    4. Any more?

    If these could be trapped, then this would be the ideal geek alarm ;-)

  4. “when the PPC version comes out” ?
    What are you talkin about ?!?

    Is my english so bad that I don’t understand anything ?

  5. Hmm…I just found this blog and its bringing back memories from my switch to the Mac.

    However, I may be one of the few who did switch back to Windows. I have that in my blog: a catergory which is titled 360 degree switch from Windows.

  6. #4
    PPC = PowerPC

  7. It’s great. I sent a note to Steve to license it for every Mac. I hope they do.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mike Murdock

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