Ecto to MarsEdit

I have dropped ecto as a blog client and have switched to MarsEdit and TextMate (using the MarsEdit external editor option). So I am back to editing posts in HTML like before, I can live with that though :)

Reasons for dropping ecto? A couple of main reasons, no universal binary (a blog client shouldn’t be something I need to wait on starting up :) and the WYSIWYG editor was buggy with various things but mainly bulleted lists. If it was free, maybe.

Does Pages have support for plug-in’s? If so, has anyone made a blog editor plug-in for it?

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5 responses to “Ecto to MarsEdit

  1. If you’re blogging on multiple machines, Windows/Mac/Linux/whatever, you might want to try bloged ( It runs on all platforms that support Java.

  2. talk about waiting for startup.

  3. I have used MarsEdit before since it came bundled with my NNW. Right now, I am using ecto. Will check out the new version of MarsEdit again and see how it goes.

    Tried bloged before – did not like it. Start-up is not much of a problem since I am used to it. Besides, I only start it once and just leave it on until my next reboot. :D

  4. Mark Kalderon

    Doesn’t WordPress support Markdown with a plugin? If so, given the Markdown support of both MarsEdit and TextMate (especialy, with the new MultiMarkdown functionality of the latest Markdown bundle), you don’t need to be writing HTML…

  5. I currently use MacJournal v 3.3 (registered) by Mariner Software to update my LiveJournal account. I have used Ecto and really liked it, but after one of the recent updates to “Tiger,” currently at 10.4.6, it started giving errors when trying to upload entries to LiveJournal? So, I was looking for an alternative blogging client when I discovered MacJournal, which I already had, would do the job. I may re-visit the other offerings out there at some point, but for now, MacJournal is working quite nicely, for my needs at least :).