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I still subscribe to a number of Windows blogs and I thought it might be cool to get some decent technical blogs on the Apple side of the fence. I don’t plan on writing any apps immediately with Cocoa or Objective C but IMO one of the best ways to really get under the hood of something and learn how it works is to read what the developers are saying! I know Apple employees don’t blog ‘officially’ like a lot of Microsoft people do. But I am sure there are many decent Apple developer blogs out there (or non developer, but still technical).

If you are vehemently against Microsoft and Windows, please stop reading here and just leave me your favourite technical Apple blog in the comments below :) Otherwise, read on and lets swap.

  • Raymond Chen – The Old New Thing
    Raymond has to be my all time favourite blogger, he posts twice a day without fail and as a general rule one will be (sometimes intensely) technical and one will be light hearted. His technical posts will often focus on the history of Windows which love or hate, can be really interesting and and it certainly couldn’t be called a marketing blog. Just a great read, especially if you have used Windows in the past.
  • Jensen Harris – An Office User Interface Blog
    Jensen has only started blogging fairly recently (September 2005) but it is a very high quality blog. It is entirely focused on the user interface of the new Office 12 or Office 2007 or whatever it is called. His best posts are about the history of why Office 12 is going to look like it is so I would recommend the history category of his blog.
  • Don Box – Spoutlet
    Don Box is a legend, mainly for his work with COM (“COM is Love” :) before joining Microsoft, he was also one of the original designers of SOAP and he now works on the Indigo (WCF) team at Microsoft.
  • Robert Scoble – Scobleizer
    Probably needs no introduction given the amount of controversy around him sometimes, definitely not a technical blog and he has up days and down days (But doesn’t everyone?) but it’s still the first blog I go to when I open my feed reader as a nice general introduction to the tech world for the day. Focused generally around Microsoft (and it’s competitors) in general and on his ‘day job’ at Channel 9.

So, who would the Apple equivalents of these be? I need some decent Apple technical blogs.

P.S. You can accuse me of being a stealth marketer working for Microsoft again now :)

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10 responses to “Feed Swap – Microsoft for Apple

  1. Apple Safari Developers – Surfin’ Safari

    Apple doesn’t have a strong blog presence the way MS or Sun do. You may also want to check out:

    Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch – rentzsch.com: tales from the red shed

    Wil Shipley – Call Me Fishmeal.

    DrunkenBatMan – DrunkenBlog

    John Siracusa – FatBits

    Michael J. Tsai

  2. You have probably gathered that the Mac community is amazingly close knit and thriving. This extends to the blogosphere.

    John Gruber has a superb blog. When I switched, I spent literally hours reading through his archives.

    Wil Shipley from Delicious Monster.

    John Siracusa at Ars Technica shouldnt need much of an introduction. His reviews of each incarnation of OSX have been amazingly thorough.

    Also, check out http://www.drunkenblog.com again another superb Mac blog, but dont go there in Safari at the moment…!!! USe another browser. You MUST download the Evening At Adler video on his site, where a bunch of Mac developers made up a panel for a discussion on all things development. Managed code, frameworks, cocoa, the community, shareware etc… everything was under discussion.

  3. Pierce Glennie

    It’s not very technical but http://www.writersblocklive.com is an interesting blog from a former apple product manager about his experiences working for Apple.

  4. Oh wow, Don Box has a blog! ‘Essential COM’ sits fairly proudly on my bookshelf.

    Almost the Mac blogs I’m subscribed to have already been mentioned (and you managed to cover a chunk of my Microsoft ones, too), so this comment is perhaps a touch pointless, but I have to mention…

    • The Tao of Mac (http://the.taoofmac.com/space)
    • The Unofficial Macintosh Weblog (I guess you know about this already!)
    • The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog (not strictly Mac-related, but it’s worth subscribing to if you’re going to be at all visually creative with your Mac: http://photoshop.weblogsinc.com/)

    If you enjoy Raymond’s blog, you should probably subscribe to Larry Osterman’s too: http://blogs.msdn.com/larryosterman/default.aspx

  5. Hi, my name is Fox and I am a switcher…

    These will come in handy as will this blog itself. I just ordered my Macbook Pro 3 days ago…can’t wait for it to get here!

    I Look forward to reading this blog and have already started on some of the links others posted. I have a feeling I will be having the same or very similiar expierences that you are having.

  6. -Dan Wood (of Karelia Software (think Watson and Sandvox)) tends to have some pretty good bug-related posts:


    -Omnigroup just started their own blog this week:


    -Brent Simmons (author of the lovely NetNewsWire and MarsEdit) has a blog here:


    -Gus Mueller (Voodoopad and FlySketch/FlyGesture) has one here:


    -Daniel Jalkut (Red Sweater Software):


    -Steven Frank (co-founder Panic Software):


    -Martin Pittenauer (Codingmonkeys (think SubEthaEdit):


    -Chris Hanson (Apple):


    -“Buzz” Anderson (Apple (works on Soundtrack)):


    -Bill Bumgarner (Apple):


    -Eric Albert (Apple)


    -Peter Ammon (Apple (really nice articles)):


    There’s probably several more floating around out there… But these are the main Mac oriented ones I read…

  7. Ok, subscribed to all these posted so far. Keep ’em coming :)

    @Mo – Larry’s blog is great and was already subscribed, he just didnt quite make it into my top 4 :) I was trying to keep it to a really small number of blogs so that it didnt feel like a Microsoft marketing post :)

  8. @Fox – Welcome, You will love your new MacBook ;)

  9. This is really great stuff. I havent made the switch yet, but i am working on it. i probably wont be able to untill next academic year. great blogs though