The Digg Effect

Wow, so… own up, who died and made me king of the Windows to Mac switchers? :) I have never been dugg before and I thought that the link yesterday from was going to be the highest traffic that this blog would ever see but I can not believe the amount of hits that have passed this way today. Over 16,000 visits in < 24 hours, over 23,000 in 48 hours. Mainly from tuaw, digg and When do I get the slashdot link to complete the set? :)

The Digg Effect

The digg thread was full of the usual digg type comments but the highlight for me was that during the course of the thread I was accused of working for both Apple and Microsoft. Flattering, but unfortunately untrue :)

Stealth marketing at its finest…. No Digg
From blondon

Lets not forget that the chap who is writing this blog works for Mircosoft, kinda puts a different light on it.
From atariby

Maybe I should write to Apple and ask them for my pay check?

However the people who have left comments here on this blog have been almost without exception constructive and have been a pleasure to respond to although I wish I had time to respond to them all. I hope I can remain interesting enough for you to stick around :)

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10 responses to “The Digg Effect

  1. First! Hahahaha!

    With the new Boot Camp Beta, I am now ready to get the Macbook pro :D GO APPLE.

  2. Heheh. My son loves Apple. I work at Microsoft. My brother-in-law works on the Mac team at Apple.

    So, you’re not the only one who gets accused of working for both companies! :-)

  3. You have many fans, and I would like to count myself amongst them. I am trying to get the finds together for a MacBook Pro myself, and then I will be ready to switch away. I have added your RSS feed to my google page of feeds, and I look forward to being a daily reader. Keep the topics coming, because soon enough, I will be going through the same things you are

  4. not that i like adverts and such, but you are now the “it” thing for this season so you should think about opening up a google ad word (SP?) account, i use adblocker, but it could make u enough money for a shiny mac pro come WWDC. :)

  5. Wery interesting.

  6. “16,000 visits in

  7. I found this site yesterday via a news link at

    Great site. After Apple released Boot Camp yesterday I now want a Mac. :)

  8. The response has been phenomenal, but it isnt just about the traffic. The quality of people who have come by and left that is really what is amazing to me.

    The amount of help received without prompting and also the genuine interest that people seem to have is incredible.

    Thanks to you all :)

  9. “The amount of help received without prompting and also the genuine interest that people seem to have is incredible.”

    Yeah, mac folks are good like that. You should post on the Apple forums. It’s amazing! I often get solutions to problems when I post within minutes!! (Though at this point, it looks like you’ll have plenty of help when you need it.;)

    I came here from TUAW. Been using macs for 4 years now and to be honest, I don’t quite understand why I have this fascination with reading about what you and other switchers are currently going through… but I do! Anyway, keep it up and enjoy!! Admit it… SOOO much better than Windows, isn’t it… :)

  10. I don’t understand at all what is all that digg about ?!