You found me, holy $&*#

So thanks very much to for the kind words and the incoming link and whoa to all the traffic. There is no way that I can respond to all 80+ comments from the last few hours individually but there have been some great suggestions (which I will be compiling into a post soon) and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to leave me a hello or a suggestion.

A few of people have commented or posted on other blogs about me being anonymous and that wasn't my original intention at all! I am quite sure that the Microsoft police are not going to come around and arrest me for this blog, the reason was more that I never really expected people other than those who already knew me to be reading this. Anyway, time to fix that.

My name is Dave Verwer and I am an alc… no wait, wrong group. I am a 30 year old techie who lives in the north of England, who works as the CTO for a small but growing (~50 people) software house who produces web based software for human resource departments of large companies using the Microsoft stack for web development (ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, etc…).

I say in the sidebar that I have been using Windows since v3.0, but I was thinking on my journey home tonight that I can actually claim from v2.0! I remember using Aldus PageMaker (nope, not Adobe until 1994) way back on my Dad's PC (an 8086 by Opus, who I can't even find any reference to on the web anymore). Anyway, PageMaker used to come with a version of Windows bundled along with it and when launched from MS-DOS, would first load Windows 2.0 and then boot PageMaker as well. We had no mouse though, so the experience largely sucked! So I guess that was my first experience with Windows. Before that though, I had used Sinclair, Acorn, Commodore, Amstrad and various PC's running MS-DOS. So, history lesson over, that is me and my brief computing history.

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7 responses to “You found me, holy $&*#

  1. Hi Dave,

    Nice to meet you. This will be just like reading a good book. Keep those post coming!

  2. Love the headline to this one. Looking forward to your words too.

  3. Welcome to the fold, Dave! :-)

    One think you will quickly discover is that the Apple/Mac community is an absurdly passionate one. Mac users just generally love kibitzing with one another concerning this or that aspect of the computer/OS. And for good reason, I might add.

    Anyway, it’s wonderful of you to document your platform-of-choice switch, and I look forward to reading of your adventures in the land where people bleed in six colours… or, at any rate, used to.

    My paean to Apple’s 30th birthday is here:


  4. Aldus Pagemaker is a flash back in time for me. I used to run that too and you are right it would have been Windows 2 or even 1 but were generally know as “Windows Runtime”.

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog over the coming weeks – I’m not a switcher but I do have a Mac mini at home (because teh college course I’m doing uses them and it’s easier to stick with one interface) alognside my more usual setup. Like yourself I’m a techhead but I have no prediliction to anyone platform as I’ve used them all or in my case ‘fixed them all’ over the years.

    As an aside, I took my eldest to the Science Musuem recently and we stood looking at all the old computers and I was doing the “fixed that, fixed that before” routine when a little ald wandered past and said “Gee mister, you must be ancient” – I had to laugh but I’m only 22 in computing years :)

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Well then, you need to checkout Ruby On Rails as it will fit nicely with your companies other development tools. Ruby On Rails runs extremely well on Apple Mac OS X. So much so that the majority of the commit team is running Apple iBooks and PowerBooks and now MacBookPro’s.

    And that fancy text editor in the RoR videos is TextMate and it’s the Bomb!

  6. Does this mean that you will be switching from developing ASP.NET app’s to PHP/Ruby Apps?

    Have you thought of using MONO to run your ASP.NET applications on OS X? I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this as I too am a Microsoft web developer by day, Mac user by night.

    How have you begun to bridge both worlds?

  7. Hey Dave,

    Welcome to the world of Macs… I’ve been using them since the original 128K Macs. I was one of the original beta users of Aldus PageMaker, as well as Quark XPress.