Ecto – No ghosts here

I have never been entirely happy with any blog editor I have tried so far. The best I found on Windows was BlogJet but even that wasn’t good enough for me to get to the end of the free trial of, I guess I always preferred writing the HTML up myself.

I guess what prompted me to go looking on Mac was an issue I am having with the WordPress WYSIWYG editor in Camino. It is really slow. So slow that the screen lags 2-3 seconds behind your typing. I will look into why at some point but I decided to go on a hunt for a decent blog editor because hey, it really should be all fluffy bunnies and WYSIWYG on a Mac, right? :)

I tried three (MarsEdit and Qumana were the other two) and the one that really stood out for me was Ecto. It has a really nice editor, it is logical and it has all the essentials like tagging through Technorati (see how quick that became an essential?) and flickr support.

I guess there isn’t much more to write about it, but that is a good thing! It works just like you would expect it to and isn’t missing any features. I have no idea if i will stick with it or move back to the plain old HTML editor on the web interface, but I like it for now.

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17 responses to “Ecto – No ghosts here

  1. Hey, welcome to the world of Mac. Here’s something to check out:


  2. In case you haven’t noticed (well, you must have by now), you have been mentioned over at, this blog could become quite succefull if you play your cards right. Congrats.

  3. I have been using MarsEdit for months. Love it. Tried ecto, was not all that impressed. What about MarsEdit did you not like? It also does tagging like ecto.

    Great blog. Wish you would have been around when I was looking to switch ove two years ago.

  4. If you’re a recent switcher, then please PLEASE for the love of GOD install Quicksilver, from

    Its a small launcher which indexes all your files and programs and seems to know within a couple keypresses exactly what you’re looking for. I find it especially wonderful on my PowerBook.

  5. I use Ecto to do my wordpress blog as well. Have fun!

  6. Hey there, I’m a recent switcher, too, and I, like you, immediately went for Firefox.

    Give Safari a chance. Really. It’s light, fast, responsive, and powerful. I highly recommend it.


  7. Not to comment spam you, but I also have to follow up with mungler on Quicksilver. It is the one application that will keep me from ever feeling right about working on a PC (or on a mac w/o it installed). Its especially useful on a laptop.

  8. I have that problem with Camino from time to time. There are certain WYSIWYG editors embedded into web pages that have serious lag time. I don’t know if it is a java problem or what, but it doesn’t happen in Safari.

  9. This is more of a general message to you than a specific response to this post. A number of switchers used to nag me about various software. I put together a list of stuff for them that might save you some time. The link is:

    In particular, you might want to check out Fink. I think (but am not positive) it would have made your SQL/PHP install much easier.

  10. Hey there, welcome to the Mac community! I can understand that the whole process can seem a bit jarring at first. It took my girlfriend months to stop trying to do things like a Windows user and realize that in most cases, there is a better Macintosh way (eg: minimize, icon view, making every application spread across the entire screen). I thought I’d share some of my thoughts. I am a film maker and web developer that’s been on the Mac since 1994.

    It seems you’re already delving deep into the world of Mac shareware/freeware. I advise you check out a wonderful piece of software called Rapidweaver ( It’s the original iWeb and does 100x more advanced things.

    Another one would be (which someone already mentioned) was Quicksilver. But I don’t advise this for someone new to the Mac. I didn’t even try to install it on my girlfriend’s PB, she found it way to confusing. Heck, a year ago I installed it and found it useless. Now I can’t live without it. It’s an acquired taste and takes a while to figure out. But once you do, most users hate to be on any computer that doesn’t have it. Just wanted to give u a bit of a warning there.

    A really great resource on Mac apps is Then there’s the confusing and enormous list of “Essential Mac OS X Applications” (

  11. For Camino, this is a very well known (and old) bug with pages bloated with javascript and/or animated gifs. It’s been mostly fixed (because I assure you it was much worse before), but Camino still has issues with a couple of sites. In those cases, take a pick at Safari, or even Firefox.
    As for those asking you to install Quicksilver, i can only concur with their opinion : Quicksilver is what *really* defines a mac-user experience. After having tamed it, you’ll feel so crippled when working on XP that you’ll avoid it as much as you can.

  12. There are 3 different types of mac users:
    1) Intel weenies
    2) Real PPC users
    3) People who use quicksilver and never shut up about it.

    2’s hate 1’s because they hate intel
    1’s hate 2’s because they think they are jealous

    everybody hates 3’s

  13. I love Quicksilver! ;-)

    Welcome to the cult!

  14. Hey, just checking out your blog. I’m planning on switching to the mac sometime soon, so I thought it would be good to keep tabs on a blog about a switcher :).
    Just thought I’d tell you though, I use Writely as my blog editor. It’s a Online word processor that was recently bought up by Google. I can save my blog post on their servers and come back to it if I need to even. It should work under Camino. :)

  15. ecto crashed on my the first time I used it… after I had just spent 2 hours writing a blog post.

    : (

    also, it costs quite a bit of money. I would rather use open source or html!

  16. Hey Macnewbie, I’m curious as to which feed reader you use.
    For my case, I work on Windows, and have a new Mac at home. I also like to read my feeds on my cell phone, and possibly a PocketPC. So, multi-platform and synchronizing read and unread posts is pretty important.

    So far, I’ve been using Bloglines, which is pretty good, if a bit slow. I’m wondering if there’s a better app on the Mac side.

    Any hints?
    Keep up the great work!

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